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""Duo Du Vent - French Songs"

Duo Du Vent na Literacia Livraria de São José dos Campos

Release: The Duo started in 2015 and has already performed at Literacia Livraria and at the First Festival de Música Autoral de São José dos Campos, FestMúsica. Ligia Kamada (voice) and Diogo Oliveira (guitar) come together to perform a show with a varied repertoire of French music that goes through authorial as “A Chaque Instant”, “Avec Les Autres”, “Au Dela de Soi”, “Par-Ici” and “Jamais Loin” by Ligia Kamada, by pop like “Je Veux” by Zaz or “La Demeure d' un Ciel” by Camille Dalmais and for famous works from the French songbook such as “Ne me Quitte Pas” and for songs that were eternalized by the singer Édith Piaf as “Non, Je ne Regrette Rien”, “La Vie en Rose”, entre others.

Avec Les Autres (Ligia Kamada)
Le Demeure d'un Ciel (Camille Dalmais)
Non, Je ne Regrette Rien (Michel Vaucaire and Charles Dumont)
Au dela de Soi (Ligia Kamada)
LaFee (Zaz)
The Instant Chase (Ligia Kamada)
Eblouie par la Nuit (Zaz)
Ne me Quitte Pas (Jacques Brel)
Je Veux (Zaz)
La Vie en Rose (Edith Piaf and Louis Guglielmi)
Par-Ici (Ligia Kamada)
Trop Sensible (Zaz)
Never Loin (Ligia Kamada)
Paris: from Santos Dumont to Transvestites (Aldir Blanc and Moacyr Luz)


Photo: Leticia Kamada

Photo (Background): Leticia Kamada

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